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Let today be the day when you say, “Enough!” about your unattractive and/or dysfunctional kitchen.  Kitchens that come with the house you bought may not suit your tastes or your needs. Kitchens that you built or remodelled can go out of style and should be updated along with your changing needs. If you’ve said the “someday” you’ll remodel your kitchen, today is the day to pick up the phone and call Gadoury Carpentry & Contracting Services Ltd. to improve your kitchen and your life.

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Why Upgrade Your Kitchen?

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A freshly modernized kitchen can bring joy to cooks that prepare anything from gourmet meals to peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No more drawers that don’t close or burners that won’t light! Your family, friends, and other guests will enjoy eating and entertaining in the new space. A smooth natural stone countertop, sleek stainless steel appliances, shining white cabinets, and a coordinating backsplash above a hardwood floor may cause kitchen-envy in your guests. Not your style? Too big for your budget? We have so many materials, styles, and plans available, you’ll find something that fits both your taste, your needs, and your budget.

A kitchen renovation provides an opportunity to increase the value of your home. If you are planning to sell, a home with an attractive and highly functional kitchen will sell faster and at a higher price. When you work with an honest, top-quality contractor like Gadoury Carpentry & Contracting, you can plan your kitchen renovation in Hamilton so that the money you invest can be recovered with additional profit when you sell your home.

Kitchen Products

We work closely with trusted suppliers to bring you everything you need to complete your kitchen remodel/upgrade.  Taking into consideration your budget and household needs, you might consider the following items:



Critical to your design, flooring is an element that must be right for the space as well as your lifestyle. Each type of flooring has different properties such as durability, comfort, scratch resistance, etc. Let us help you make the right choice on a flooring option that fits your new space as well as your family needs.



More than ever, cabinet styles, finishes and colours make a statement. While wood is the most durable and classic of the group, options include melamine, acrylic, glass and more.  Let us guide you through the variety of styles that can range from sleek and modern to rustic and traditional to achieve the new look you are going for.



Budget, durability and style are some key elements in deciding what countertop product to choose.  Granite and quartz countertops remain popular high-end choices, and there are your budget friendly and durable laminate options.  Any option you choose will be an attractive centrepiece to your new kitchen.



A well-chosen backsplash pulls the kitchen design together. While ceramic and porcelain tile are excellent choices, materials, styles, patterns and colors are abundant.


Sinks and Faucets

Some homeowners picture a country farmhouse sink in white, while others want sleek stainless steel. Single or double tubs are preferences for utility. When you’ve picked a design style for the kitchen, the sink and accompanying faucet should complement the design style.



Cabinet hardware can be skinny or wide, blend in or stand out, depending on how you want them to feel and to impact the look of your space. Many choices from formal to funky exist.

Kitchen Designs

What is the shape of your kitchen? The arrangement of cabinets, sink, and appliances form commonly used shapes that work well. If a space is large enough, an island may be added to the arrangements listed below:



Spreads the design across three adjacent walls, forming a U



Allows you to walk through the space with all appliances and cabinets along the two side walls



Appliances and cabinets go along one wall, usually in a small or narrow space



Uses two walls joined by a corner to house the set-up



An L or U-shaped kitchen with a set of cabinets connected to one side of the open end, forming a peninsula

The size of a kitchen and the layout of walls help to define the space. Of course, if you’re enlarging the space available, more options will become available to you. You may want to include a dining area with a full table and chairs, a banquette, or an island with seating. This requires space planning and choosing a shape that fits your desired design.

With so many choices, how do you proceed with your kitchen renovation? At Gadoury Carpentry & Contracting Services Ltd., we want to provide the exact solution you desire in your kitchen remodel. We want to meet your needs for function and for style. We’ll ask, “What do you want to achieve with this kitchen renovation?” Next, we’ll review your budget and discuss which options fit within it, considering the amount of work that can be done, the layout, and the materials. We’ll develop a kitchen design that answers all these questions as well as a time frame to completion and come to an agreement with you. We’ll schedule our professional, experienced and expert installers to do to get the job done, keeping you informed along the way to your updated, improved kitchen.

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At Gadoury Carpentry & Contracting Services Ltd., serving Hamilton, Burlington, Stoney Creek, Ancaster and more, we can provide the most optimal kitchen design to meet your needs for functionality and style that’s within your budget. Our years of experience, professionalism, and integrity make us the top choice in the area.

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