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You’ve probably heard the saying, “Your home is your castle.” Modern castles need attractive, private bathrooms that work well for their homeowners. If you’re running from room to room to find an open bathroom, your answer to making life easier lies in adding a new one. If your current bathroom surfaces and fixtures are bringing you down, let’s help you do a bathroom renovation with the latest bathroom designs and products in the industry.

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Why Update Your Bathroom?

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Your bathrooms may be the most used rooms in the house. Whether it’s a master ensuite, kid bathroom, or guest half-bath tucked under the stairs, a bathroom requires the appropriate size, layout and individual furnishings to function well. When your bathroom has no door or you can’t open the shower door without hitting the vanity, consider a remodel.

Many people wish their bathroom could be a mini-oasis, especially in a master bathroom. Most want their personal design style reflected throughout their home, including the bathrooms. You may find that while pink 1970’s orange tile works for some homeowners’ retro vibe, you want to evoke beach cottage or open, airy minimalism. Either way, a stylish update solves the problem.

If you watch design shows or read information online, you know that kitchen and bathroom renovations provide the most return on investment for every dollar spent. Typically, your home’s value will be greater after a bath remodel or new bathroom installation.  New bathrooms help homes sell more quickly and for higher prices. A good contractor, aided by information on home values in your area, can help you figure how to spend money wisely within your home to get the return you’re looking for.  Start with a bathroom renovation today!

Considerations for Your Bathroom Remodeling in Hamilton or Addition Project

Before meeting with a contractor, look around your bathroom space. What would you want to change or add? What do you want in the bathroom – stand up shower, tub, double or single sinks, extra storage and so on? Do you seem to have enough space for what you want? Is this change part of a bigger remodel of your home? How do you want the bathroom to look and feel?

Once you’ve established your needs and wants for the bathroom, meet with a few recommended contractors and choose which is best for your project. Know your bathroom budget going in to your meeting so that the contractor can offer the best options for your money.

Here are considerations for the bathroom to discuss with your selected contractor:


Design and layout

Unless you’re an expert, you’re contractor and/or a qualified bathroom designer can make sense of your needs and wants in the space available. A good layout is key to success, and you’ll want the design to fit in with your home’s style. If you’re limited by your space or its configuration, you may have to make some changes to your plans. A qualified contractor may have a designer on staff, or you can use your own.



A bathroom’s furnishings can include the toilet, shower stall, bath tub, vanity, sink, and other pieces you choose to include. Many customers today choose freestanding tubs and glass shower stalls. These choices will often be made before and sometimes during the renovation process.  If you need help with these choices your contractor may have a designer on their team who can guide you through this process.  Your trusted contractor will then make sure that your furnishing choices are installed to specifications.


Floors and walls

Are you removing walls, changing the shape of your space?  Want to spice things up with some wallpaper or maybe an accent tile? Once your walls are rebuilt, your beautiful accent pieces and flooring choice can be installed.  The market can be confusing when trying to decide the right product to use.  Speaking with your contractor or designer when making these choices will help you to make the appropriate choices.


Fixtures and Finishes

The crowning jewels of the bathroom including your faucet and sink fixtures, backsplash, light fixtures, door handles and knobs, towel and wash cloth holders, and mirrors. You may want to purchase the currently-popular brass, or to stick with classic chrome. Often, the installation of these finishes brings the entire design together.


Behind the walls

Discussing your bathroom layout idea with your contractor or designer is a very important part of the renovation process.  There are many things to consider: plumbing line placement, electrical safety, wall and floor structures, air venting etc…  Many of these things are “behind the scenes” but a very vital part of your bathroom function and design. 

Your bathroom project ideas may be large or small. Even if you are considering simply swapping out a light fixture, or changing a faucet, always hire an expert for your electrical and plumbing needs.  Otherwise, your DIY may turn into a “why did I?” costing you more money in the long run.

For your larger more significant bathroom renovations and upgrades, always hire a certified contractor. Their knowledge and experience can help guide you through the entire process and alleviate stress and worry about keeping the renovation moving forward and on budget.

Don’t hesitate to call with any bathroom renovation questions you might have, we are always happy to guide you in the right direction.

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