Custom Home Build: Before & After

Build your dream home the right way.

As families grow, I am often approached to provide a little more space and utilize our client’s homes. Sometimes this means fully renovating a basement to add a bedroom and much-needed living room space, other times it’s updating a bathroom to function better for the family, and as often as that it’s building an addition.

Welcome to Margaret Avenue, our stony Creek entire home rebuild. When we were first contacted by our clients, we set up a home consultation to review the needs of their families and home. I am at bat, an outdated bungalow roughly 900 ft.² with a garage attached that was in some need of structural work. The basement of the home was finished but had a poor Layout. Lastly, the main floor had three bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen, with an adjoined living room, causing the overall space to be cramped.

Through the design process, we were able to develop an entirely new second-level floorplan, a larger garage, which provided plenty of space on the main floor for a larger kitchen and family area. 

Our design team of architects and engineers put together a complete permit package. 

While we waited for the permits to come through, this was the time that we began picking our finishes and ordering all the long lead items so that we could be better prepared for the construction time. 

Completing a project of this size is no simple feature, but our professional team at Gadoury Carpentry & contracting services Limited has what it takes to pull it all together.

We have every stage covered by our team of Carpenters and our excellent trade partners. We will manage all components of the project from demolition, framing, Roofing, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, insulation, Drywall, painting, millwork, tiling, kitchen, bathrooms, windows, Doors, siding, masonry, landscaping, And all the required inspections throughout the project.

The small bungalow was quickly converted into a four-bedroom home, 2100 ft.² of living space, A basement with in-law privilege, loads of storage, and completely updated mechanical and electrical services.

Take a look at our gallery and see for yourself.