Basement Finishing Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Read these 7 tips.

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While an unfinished basement can be fine for storage, there is so much more you can do with a finished basement. You can turn it into a home theatre, a spare bedroom, a man-cave, whatever your house is missing, a finished basement can add that finishing touch.

On top of giving your home an extra room, it will increase the property value of your home as well. There needs to be planning involved in basement finishing, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Here are seven tips on how to finish a basement.

Give Your Basement A Massive Cleaning


Before you begin laying down some flooring or installing a drainage system, you need to do a full cleanup of the basement. If you were just using the basement as a storage unit, then there’s a good chance there’s a lot of junk that you don’t need.

Get some boxes for the stuff you want to keep and get some garbage and recycling bags for the stuff that you’re throwing out. This will give you some space to work with when you begin basement renovations in your Hamilton home.


Even If Your Basement Has Never Flooded, Install A Drainage System


It becomes a much bigger issue to wait until after your basement is finished before installing a drainage system. Then you have to deal with damaged drywall, insulation, and other products that you’ve already installed.

We know what you might be thinking. “But my basement has never flooded?” well, we say never say never. It could happen at any time, so why not get in front of it, by installing a drainage system before finishing your basement.

Rest assured there are a variety of smart solutions to consider such as installing a few floor drains in smart locations, installing a water proof subfloor allowing minor links to safely happen, or complete perimeter waterproofing. An in home consultation is the best way to determine your home’s needs.


Next Up On The List Should Be Installing A Sump Pump System


Another great way to prevent large amounts of water from getting into your basement is by installing a sump pump. These are great for protecting against heavy rainstorms, and faulty plumbing.

Your sump pump system should come with a battery in case of power outages, and a backup in case the primary suck pump fails. These are great finished basement ideas. A drainage system, and a suck pump system will ensure that no heavy amounts of water get into your basement.



Install A Flooring Option That Will Work Below-Level


This is the next important step in your basement finishing. Hamilton residents need to know that the same type of flooring you’re using on the mid and upper levels of your home aren’t necessarily going to work in the basement.

Vinyl planks and ceramic tile are often good options for basement flooring. Make sure you check out which flooring won’t crack or split during your basement renovations. Hamilton residents should do some research online when deciding which flooring will work best.



Use Vapor Barrier For The Basement Walls

Use vapor barrier to cover the basement walls. Concrete walls will let in a lot of moisture from outside which can cause issues such as mold, mildew, and other moisture issues. Vapor barrier will help protect against these types of issues, making your newly renovated basement safer for you and the family.

This is another reason that it is important to install a drainage system. The vapor barrier will help direct that moisture towards your drainage system, safely getting rid of all unwanted water from damaging your basement.



Protect Against Humidity With A Dehumidifier


Another finished basement idea is a dehumidifier. These are a great investment and don’t require a lot of work. A lot of dehumidifiers now are quite self-sufficient. They empty themselves and run on their own. You can put them out of the way somewhere in your basement, and forget all about it while it does its work.

Keep all of the humidity out of your basement, and enjoy breathing nice clean air with a good dehumidifier.



Do Any Other Kind Of Maintenance Work On The Outside Of Your House To Prevent Any Damage


Go around your house and make sure there are no other potential hazards that could cause issues in your home and your basement.

A good place to start is your basement windows. If you have a window well, check it out and make sure that it’s clean and if not put one in. Window wells are great for protecting from debris such as dirt, and weeds.

You can also check the gutter for excessive leaves. If the gutter is full clean it, and you can think about extending the gutter. This will keep moisture and debris away from your home.

By taking care of the outside and inside of your home, you will be preventing a lot of potential accidents that could cause damage to your basement. It doesn’t take much to cause damage, and you need to get on top of it before investing money into renovations.


We Can Help You Finish Your Basement


We hope these seven tips for finishing your basement were helpful. We want you to understand that it doesn’t have to be a hassle. It can be a fun way to turn a neglected room into a fun space for the family.

If you need help with finishing your basement, we are the ones for the job. Walls, floors, windows, whatever you need finished we can do it. If you need basement renovations, Hamilton residence you need to call us.

Call us for a free quote, and we’ll help turn your unfinished basement into the best room in the house.